Keith Goss

Dr. Keith Goss - Distinguished Podiatrist in Arizona

Dr. Keith A. Goss draws upon 15 years of podiatry experience and extensive medical training to provide clinical and surgical care to Winslow Indian Health Care Center in Winslow, AZ. He also visits assisted-living facilities in the Phoenix Valley Area to provide various podiatric services to residents. Dr. Keith Goss has worked at Winslow Indian Health Care Center since 2018 and previously functioned as chief of podiatry at Comprehensive Interventional Care Centers where he helped develop outpatient limb preservation medical homes in Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, and Oregon for Native American patients.

Dr. Goss has spent his entire career providing critical care to members of the Navajo Nation and is a past recipient of the Navajo Area Indian Health Service's (IHS) Outstanding Physician of the Year award. He also earned the IHS National Director's Award for Excellence in 2018 and 2006. In addition to working at several health centers in Arizona and New Mexico, he founded the First Nations Podiatric Residency Program and co-founded the Gilbert, AZ-headquartered First Nations Limb Preservation Foundation.

Complementing his experience, Dr. Keith A. Goss completed a plastic surgery fellowship at Georgetown University Hospital. He earned his doctorate of podiatric medicine from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine, where he was awarded the President's Merit Scholarship and was a member of the Pi Delta Honor Society. He also holds a bachelor's in biology from Trinity University,

Keith Goss

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Keith Goss
Gilbert, AZ US